Steps of writing a proposal for a research paper

Steps of writing a proposal for a research paper

A research proposal is the outline of a proposed research which is going to be conducted by a candidate.  In order to apply for a research proposal or educational aid, the individual should have an in depth and comprehensive description of the material to be used in the research proposal paper along with all the details of similar research done before.

The reason behind why the individual has to submit a detailed proposal is because the panel wants to verify that the individual has done their homework on the topic of their research and is able to use the information garnered to present a summation of the topic of their research. However this is tricky because there is no structure defined to submit a request for a research paper. The individual has to place his point of view before the panel and has to convince the panel that he or she has detected an issue, he or she knows what is the cause of the issue, he or she list out the steps needed to fix it, the time period needed for the research and the amount of funding needed.

The steps for writing a proposal for a research paper include:

Title Page:   The main page should have all the details of the individual like his or her name, his or her age, his or her place of birth, his or her phone numbers. Secondly it should contain the title of research report which should be brief, short, precise and accurate.

Abstract or summary of the research project: Abstract or summary should not be more than one page. A brief summary should be given on the research topic.

Review of research literature:  The review should have consolidated information on how far your research has progressed. Also in the review literature you can mention the most important contributions of other scientists related to your research.

Also state what is the impact your findings will have on the available information on this topic. Attach copies of your own publications relating to the topic being researched.

Purpose of conducting the research:  You should clearly mention the reason behind conducting the research. You should be able to define why your research is important and how it will help further the existing research available.

Describe the project: You should mention the entire process in the time slot allocated. Mention all the reference material used to support your project, the time lines for completion and how you will collate all information on the project

Time table:  Prepare a time line, mentioning the logic being followed for each step of the research and the time lines for each step.

List of all research material: You should mention all the research material used during the process of writing the research paper.

Editing:  Once the entire research proposal is prepared, you should review and edit the document completely. Always take the help of a professor or a peer who has done a similar process to review the proposal and check if it is as per the guidelines laid out by the institution.

Author: Cameroon Jacobs